Pregnancy Massage
Pregnancy massage is a wonderful way to relax.

Sometimes being pregnant is not always as enjoyable as we are made to think it should be. Pelvic girdle pain, swollen ankles, sore lower back and glutes and headaches are just a few of the symptoms that can be a regular occurrence to many pregnant ladies.

Massage is a great natural tool to help alleviate these. It will also lower stress hormones and heart rate, bringing a sense of calm to both mother to be and baby/ies. As your therapist, I will listen to your individual requirements and ensure that your massage is tailored to what you need.

Swedish Massage
Massage is a wonderful tool for relieving the body of poor posture or built up tension and stress, be it from long hours at your desk, playing sports such as golf, or carrying around small children!

It is 100% natural and effective at maintaining your body’s natural state, working not only on the area being massaged, but also helping to stimulate other bodily systems. Immunity and digestion are boosted whilst the body’s central nervous system is relaxed, resulting in the slowing of heart rate. All in all it is a fabulous way to help the body relax and recharge.

Indian Head Massage
This treatment can relieve tension headaches and stress whilst also incorporating a neck, shoulder and scalp massage. Indian Head Massage is relaxing and revitalising at the same time and is a great way to help alleviate “tech neck” and other postural issues. 

Baby Massage
Baby massage is a wonderful thing to do with your baby. It provides a beneficial source of sensory and muscle stimulation for baby as well as helping with wind, colic and relaxation issues.

Most of all it is a fun experience for you both to share, and can be used with babies from birth to 12 months. There are no exclusions to baby massage, ALL babies are welcome, and all babies love and need to be nurtured